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Every Sovereign Reality from the Eternity revealed invisible and visible which had no beginning or had an end has been the active source of Sanctification. This is so pure to have cultivated the knowledge and the understanding which is to say that which is holy is born from the virtue of Ruach. That is holy is that which has reached by the virtue of Ruach the perfection on all components of its dimensions.
Furthermore, that which is born of the virtue of Ruach has been predestined to amplify the glory of the reign of His holy Name. For, that which is just has been the synonym of that which is saint. That is to clearly say that anyone who is called a righteous is (SR) slave of the Righteousness and anyone who is called a saint is (SS) slave of the Saintliness as well as anyone who is called to be holy is (SH) slave of the Holiness.
Given that, which is holy has been born from the virtue of Ruach, therefore, anyone who doesn’t keep it in the (RH) Righteousness and the Holiness is considered to be walking against the virtue of Ruach. At the risk even to blaspheme Ruach; because, it has been nowhere revealed and announced from anytime in this creation whether in the (TC) time of creation, whether in the (PTT) permanent time of Torah, whether in the (TRS) time of Redemption for Salvation which is the time of fulfilments that: the living man will contradict the virtue of Ruach. It will be like to say that the creature could contest again his own Holy Creator. For, anyone who contradicts the virtue of Ruach has contradicted the Holy One.

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