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For the (RH) Righteousness and the Holiness, for the (COB) communion and the oneness in the body of the Messiah by the Bread the expression of His Body and for the (COB) communion and the oneness in the (HCR) Holy Covenant of Redemption by the Blood, Ruach by his virtue has been edifying nations, races, tribes, languages and people all being redeemed to commune with the greatest power of their freedom fulfilled and bequeathed from and by the Messiah. The greatest power for the invisible and visible world of His creation which the Messiah was predestined to redeem: That is to say in other ways, the Messiah was predestined to Save; – to set free the entire creation defiled from the kingdom of darkness’s desires, – to cancel laws with its commandments and their dispositions by which we have been condemned for the eternity, – to break the enmity between Yehudi and non-Yehudi to become one in Him and also to reconcile everything with Him. This is which we have been calling the (CS) Crucifixion of Salvation which is the (CP) Crucifixion of perfection on the (PC) prophetic Cross.

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